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My Mind is a Cork Board on Which I’ve Pinned These Notes:

by Mai Serhan

  • Big words are like big cars- they’re often signs of something else being a teeny bit small.
  • Exclamation marks are for the deaf. 
  • Clouds are not like cotton candy. Clouds are cotton candy. 
  • Ellipsis me, and … I’ll… ellipsis… you…right…back…
  • No one’s born an asshole, not even your villain. 
  • All writing is erotic. Do I get your attention? 
  • Also, abstinence is hot.
  • Place is character and grief is a weather.
  • Arrive fashionably late to your story and leave fashionably early.
  • Drama means doing in Greek. 
  • Don’t make a scene in public, but do make a hell of a scene on the page. 
  • Scenes are mini 3-act structures, by the way.
  • Characters never say what they mean, I mean it. 
  • I don’t want to know anything. I want to anticipate everything.
  • You’re not the narrator, you’re the author. Stay out of it.  
Photo courtesy of Kid Cairo
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