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Aladdin And The Woodcutter

by Shady Emad

Once upon a time, Aladdin was invited to a wedding in another country, but his wife, Princess Jasmine, was tired so she couldn’t go with him. Aladdin went with his monkey and his parrot on the flying carpet. When he arrived there, he found that the country was very beautiful and it had lots of green gardens with different kinds of trees. There were colorful flowers and strange kinds of birds as well. So Aladdin decided to take a walk in this amazing place when the wedding ceremony was over.

During the wedding party, Aladdin invited the bride and the groom to take a trip on his flying carpet. They agreed and really enjoyed their time, flying around the palace and waving to the people of the town.

Among the people in the wedding party was a gang interested in the flying carpet. They thought they could use it to rob people without anyone catching them, so they decided to follow Aladdin.

After the party, Aladdin was walking with his monkey and his parrot in the gardens. Suddenly, the gang threw a net over Aladdin and his friends. They couldn’t get out of it and they screamed, “HELP! HELP US! ANYBODY HELP!”

A woodcutter was going home when he heard their voices and saw the gang trying to steal the flying carpet and the lantern. The woodcutter decided to help Aladdin, so he made a plan. He found a tall tree with a thick branch, so he cut it with his axe until it fell on the gang. Then he cut the net with his knife and got Aladdin and his friends out of it, but Aladdin was unconscious.

The woodcutter took Aladdin to his house and took care of him until Aladdin woke up.

“Where am I?” Aladdin asked.

The woodcutter said, “You are in my house. My name is Fred. I took care of you until you woke up.”

Aladdin thanked him and said, “I’ll let my genie make one desire come true for you.”

Fred was excited so he said, “My desire is that I want to be a rich man. No, I want a lot of gold. No, now I know what I want: I wish that anything I touch turns into gold.”

The genie asked, “Are you sure of this desire?”

Fred assured him, “Yes,” and the genie made Fred’s desire come true.

Then Aladdin left, and Fred touched his axe, which instantly became a gold one. He caught a rock and it became gold. Everything he touched became gold.

Fred sold the axe and the rock and became so rich.

At night, he came back to his house, opened the door, and his daughter ran and hugged him, but SUDDENLY when he touched her she became gold!

Fred cried and began to think, “What shall I do? I must find Aladdin.” And so he began to look for him. At that moment, he opened the door and found Aladdin waiting for him.

“My daughter is now a gold statue. Can you help her?” Fred cried.

Aladdin replied, “Yes, of course. You saved me. Now it’s my turn to save your daughter.” He asked the genie to return everything as it was before and the genie returned everything that has been transformed to gold back to its normal state.

The daughter of the woodcutter came back to life. Her father was really happy. He thanked the genie and Aladdin.

Aladdin said to the woodcutter, “You saved my life but didn’t choose the correct desire. I will give you a magical axe that can cut more than five trees with just one hit. You can work and make a lot of money.”

The woodcutter thanked Aladdin. When Aladdin returned to the palace, he told Princess Jasmine about his adventure with the woodcutter.

The End.

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