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Volunteers learn how Rowayat operates, how to use submission tools, and how to help support our mission. We typically look for two kinds of volunteers:

  • Rowayat Reader: Reading submissions and deciding whether they move on to the editorial team. By volunteering as a reader, you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of work that could improve your writing style and craft.
  • Rowayat Social Guru: We always need volunteers to help us with social media; if you want to be part of a dynamic creative team, don’t hesitate to contact us.

It’s a great way to gain experience, meet writers, improve your own writing, understand the submission process, and contribute to the literary community.

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Our Rowayat Social Gurus:

Claire Stemen – Social Media Manager

Khalvida Pamarty – Instagram reels

Our Rowayat Readers:


  1. Kaitlyn Martin
  2. Suroshri Paul 
  3. Brian Dolan 
  4. Arun Verma 
  5. Nada Jameel 
  6. Karen Pura 
  7. Thaer Husien 
  8. Ayshe Dengtash 
  9. Victor Okechukwu 
  10. Hala Akkawi
  11. Ashley Goodwin
  12. Manny Garcia
  13. Christine Fletcher
  14. Milla Fargo
  15. Shallu Y.
  16. Alaa Mohamed
  17. Yemidale Ajayi
  18. Weidi Li
  19. Muhammed Salem
  20. Seth Trovao
  21. Naomi Carpenter
  22. Enshirah Barakat


  1. Suroshri Paul 
  2. Midnight Dean 
  3. Nada Jameel 
  4. Karen Pura 
  5. Hala Akkawi 
  6. Brian Dolan 
  7. Ezza Ahmed 
  8. Ashley Goodwin
  9. Tianna Vertigan
  10. Weidi Li
  11. Naomi Carpenter
  12. Zaynab Bobi


  1. Arun Verma 
  2. Nada Jameel 
  3. Brian Dolan 
  4. Aakanksha Arneja 
  5. Ashley Goodwin
  6. Jacqueline Khoo
  7. Manny Garcia
  8. Shallu Y.
  9. Yasmine Ben Abdessalem
  10. Tianna Vertigan
  11. Muhammed Salem
  12. Naomi Carpenter
  13. Em Pisacic
  14. Enshirah Barakat
  15. Zaynab Bobi


Past Readers:

  1. Jordanna Miller