Dark Light

Cloud Gazing

by Thembe Mvula

through a rain-stained windscreen

i’m stuck in traffic, meandering

your eucalyptus fragrance

faint as a daydream

it is a known fact that in paradise

every citizen’s favourite sound

plays constantly in their mind

mine is silence

snug next to dead relatives

whose acquaintances i’ve just made

i marvel at the many versions of you

great, great grandma

bobs her head in slow motion

to folk songs of her childhood

tells us she knew there was life after life

when she first heard harmonies

i inhale to test nostalgia

we never took enough road trips

i park to watch what happens

to the seahorses in the sky

see them unravel like a melody

isn’t this what it means to mourn?

to watch what you love evolve?

Photo courtesy of Suad Kamardeen
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