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Collective artwork by Eman Osama

by Eman Osama

Adam and Eve without an Apple

In her PhD thesis, Eman tackles one of the most familiar yet controversial subjects of life and art: love. She approaches the first ever love story—Adam and Eve—and asks, “What if is there was no apple?” Inspired by the work of Gibran Khalil Gibran and many great poets and writers, she imagines and weaves conversations between Adam and Eve in the modern world.


EVE. What if our fate had been different…What if we hadn’t lived
that life…What if we hadn’t been there from the beginning…What if Adam and Eve had never left heaven…or if they hadn’t eaten the apple!!

ADAM. God would have still tested them. If it hadn’t been the apple, it would have been grapes or figs or any other fruit. Or it could have been something completely different, like picking a flower or breaking a branch, or drinking from one of the rivers in heaven. It could have been something beyond human reason. The tests are many. It was never about this beautiful round, red tempting fruit. The wisdom lies in the promise, God’s promise to us; the authority he gave us over the earth, the responsibility. Nothing could have changed that.
EVE. I know, it’s the inevitable truth…but what if there had been no apple?

ADAM. It’s the unknown… the unknown.

….You were created together, and together you shall stay forever. Together you will remain a mystery, a secret, and when death ends your days, you will still be together. But, let the winds of heaven penetrate that bond and dance between you.

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