Dark Light

Eid Mubarak

by Fady Jouda

Life is full of strangers who are equal to the task 
of absence. The holes they climb out of are inside other holes:
some light, some dark. My past wants to live on 
longer than the past that preceded it.
The latter had only stones, 
papyrus, and what I have is far 
more difficult to imagine 
time obliterating.
Fortified with data we imagine time better now.
As though our present contains all the things 
that dilate into ordinary miracles: 
the synaptic uptake, the electronic pleats 
between history and stars 
and coronaries that dethrone their hearts.
If we disappear we will not disappear 
in the same measure that disappeared those before us.
We will come close to Armageddon but forgive God.
I will interview the dying, archive them to speak
from beyond the grave. They will be all of our dying. 
Our only chance to dominate strangers. Our strangers 
who are welcome to enter us. 
As day enters night.

Photo courtesy of Steve Double

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