Dark Light

Hungry and other poems

by .chisaraokwu.

when we are mango sweet
and avocado fat 

when we are pear crisp
and honeydew dripping

when we are mint watermelon 
refreshing our tongues

in each other’s mouths
we alright

Lucky Ones

& what of the green clover
       satisfied with its three leaves
the rabbit who escapes the hunter’s trap
       then traipses towards its burrow on its own hind feet
the horse who spirits away
       under the gaze of a blue-eyed moon
the rainbow who knows its gold
       resides in the curve of its long prism’d reach
& what of us 
       living all that is possible beyond this black-white world— 
aren’t we the lucky ones
       miracle makers of a divine kind.

Painting courtesy of Hanan Youssef

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