Dark Light

Issue #6: Faith



Word is faith. A word after a word after a word is how we come face to face with our fallibilities, and our power. It is what we do to move from reckoning to redemption. It is what we do to come closer to each other. To write is to have faith that you are not alone, someone out there is listening. It is an unspoken pact between writer and reader, that the words will connect you across borders and oceans, right here on the page where you cease to become strangers. All shades and shadows of faith are welcome. All sizes too. Feel free to have faith in a tub of ice-cream carrying you through the night, in as much as a rocket landing you safely on the moon.

Rowayat invited you to submit your short stories, poetry, creative nonfiction and literary translations to Issue 6: Faith, and you did not disappoint. Thank you for your trust and for enriching us with your work.

Photo courtesy of Kid Cairo