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Mythical Beasts of Cairo

by Nourhan Faissal Farid, Fatima El Kalay

The Resgerus

by Nourhan Faisal Farid

In our lovely, Ancient Egypt we have the Resgerus; the protector of our skies. It has the body of a stallion with the black, shiny fur of a panther. The face of a wolf is his, but like a cheetah his eyes are lined with a captivating black liner, and his eyes themselves are crystal blue, like those of a white tiger. Like a unicorn, it has a lovely horn that is hidden under a star carved into his forehead; the wise say it is his third eye, the eye that feels danger approaching. Many see it when it shoots out electrifying shots; it is his weapon. Like a Pegasus it has wings and, as they pedal the sky, you hear their roaring sound filling the ears of approaching enemies with dread. We have his heroic tales and portraits incarnated in our hearts as strong as they are on the walls of temples. And it is true what they say: if you saw one when you were young, you will grow up working in the skies.

Homo Predatorasesa

by Fatima El Kalay

Two legs and a bit
The menacing weave of sauntering steps
Slit-eyes shuttered,
Shine like black grease spots
Tarred teeth are gutter grills
Where foul flattery is belched
Skin – oh let it not come close –
The corrosive caress of sun-cracked leather
I fear the streets where these breed
Armadillos or giant soggy worms,
Who dig deep and feast with words or glances or bullet holes
On all that is white and pristine of flesh or soul.


All artwork is courtesy of Reda Khalil.

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