Dark Light

The Color of My Days

by Amina El Karamany

My blue days have outnumbered my “other color” days,
I look forward to a day with other hues, different news
I walk up in the street, whispering to myself,
“Today will be better”
“No one will conquer me; I face up to the world”
My head stands high, looking to the sky
Fresh sunny breeze
Makes me even believe
And then I go, with my executive suit, my ethic-cut mentality,
Fresh attitude and childish heart
But over and over again, it happens…
All my rainbow colors fade away,
At first, I feel the dust atoms around me about to check me
But then, this feeling goes,
They penetrate my day,
And a dense blue smoky feeling fills the room,
My wings get heavier,
My head goes down,
My eyes keep closing
And I can’t write…Can’t fly…

But now, the night has come
Tomorrow is another day
And now, I will brush my teeth,
Open the window to let the blue smoke out,
Hang my wings to dry,
Iron my executive suit,
Tuck my childish heart in bed,
And get out my painting colors,
All ready for tomorrow
To add lots of green, a bit of red, and more of yellow
Just next to the blue…


All artwork is courtesy of Reda Khalil.

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