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The Real Queen

by Doaa Mohamed

Once upon a time, there was an excellent girl. Her name was Kate. She was very short and slim. She had curly black hair, but it wasn’t beautiful. She had black eyes. Last year, on a beautiful day, Kate went to her school, as usual. She sat beside her classmate Suzan. Kate loved Suzan, but Suzan didn’t love Kate. Suzan was very beautiful. While Kate was writing, Suzan told her, “You are a queen but without a crown.”

“What do you mean?” asked Kate.

Suzan told her, “Because a woman’s hair is her crown, and you don’t have beautiful hair.”

When Kate arrived home, she was sad. She went to her room and didn’t talk to anybody. Her mother entered her bedroom. She asked Kate, “Why are you crying?”

“Because my classmate Suzan told me that women’s hair is their crown, and I don’t have beautiful hair.”

“Oh, my dear! A woman’s mind is her real crown. Believe me. So study well for your exam,” Kate’s mother said.

Kate studied very well and went to the library and read many books, even on the weekends. Exam day came, and she answered very well. When the teacher corrected the exam, Kate was the best, and Suzan wasn’t. The teacher threw a party for Kate and invited everybody and gave Kate a very beautiful crown.

Her mother smiled and said to Kate, “You are the real queen.”

All of Kate’s friends were happy, except Suzan. Kate went to her and said, “You should not judge anything by its appearance.”

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