Dark Light

Stand and Asleep

by Ramzi Saadi


You twist and turn,
with much concern,
To get your mind set right.
Throughout the day,
and much of the night,
for comfort you’ve got to fight!
For life is a struggle, a bottomless puddle,
with a shallow illusion at sight…
By your side I shall stand,
As we walk hand in hand,
to the light at the end of the tunnel…


He ran among the others.
Although they weren’t his kind.
He’d been without his mother,
for quite a lot of time.
To fail he would not dare!
Yes this he did avow,
and although life is not fair.
Only to God, would he bow.
And then befell the night.
A dream would come along…
To this dream, he held so tight!
Here the reason to carry on…


All artwork is courtesy of Eman Osama.

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