Dark Light

Surveillance And Samara

by Edna Bonhomme


Did you ever wonder whether I had a name?
Or do you think all dark-skinned women looked the same?
Did you ever wonder why I don’t smile for you?
Or do you think that I am just some goon?
Did you ever wonder whether I felt scared?
Or do you think I can handle a little
An empowered woman is curt
She gathers Athena’s strength
She kills like a hyena in the savannah
She laughs like the vermilion streaks of Jupiter
She is no Samara
but a warrior.


in a world
the NSA
the CIA
and every other “A”
produce a precocious talent
for the expurgation of insatiable appetites
for the annihilation of salacious thoughts
for the extermination of congenial memories
we should envisage a movement
where we can assuage
our desire
to rebuke the state
to relish our memories.


All artwork is courtesy of Eman Osama.

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