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The Stranger

by Omar Khalid

Once upon a time, there was a very small town where everyone was living in prosperity. The people were friendly and humble. One day, there was an earthquake that destroyed everything. Everyone was afraid. When a stranger arrived in the small town, he saw all the people running and the buildings collapsing. He said some magic words, and suddenly the earthquake stopped and everything returned to normal.

With his golden coins, the stranger bought a small house to live in. The people were happy because he stopped the earthquake. Every day, he said some magic spells in his house. People would hear him, and children would imitate him. Their small town was famous for its prosperity and good weather for years, until one day some invaders came to steal its goods and rob its people of their homes and belongings.

Everyone was scared. Even the oracle had not known this would happen. The stranger was sleeping as if nothing had happened and no one had invaded the town in which he lived. When the stranger woke up and saw the invaders, he read a magic spell from his spell book, and suddenly the sky turned black and lava fell on the invaders’ trucks and tanks, destroying all of them. The people were very happy that they were once again safe in their town.

Many days passed, and the stranger was still living in the happy small town. People tried to communicate with him, but they failed. Rumors said he had emerged from inside the Giza Pyramids. They treated him well, and everyone tried to talk to him, but he never answered back. Many years passed, and the people living in the small town died, except for the stranger, who lived for more than two hundred million years. He outlived all the people because he was a giver with a kind heart, so he lived on and on, protecting the town from any harm.

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