Dark Light

A Dream of Freedom

by Salma Ezzat

A soul has its freedom,
But mine is hiding from me.
Please help me find my freedom;
I need to be free.
When your freedom is hiding from you,
Just like a monkey in a zoo,
Your freedom is gone.
When will it change?
When everything is starting to fade.
For now I will wait;
Patience is my virtue.
Survival is my skill.
I think of valleys,
So pretty and green.
A land so beautiful,
Just like a dream.
I want to live
A life of my own choice.

I want to learn,
Want to earn.
I started to think
What is freedom?
Then I realized
Freedom is the privilege to think,
Plus everything else.
Remembering the deep blue sea,
Visualizing infinity.
Is this going to last forever?
I ask myself . . . how can I be free?
So stand aside,
Beware of me.
Cause tonight is the night,
And I will be free.
Soon, I’ll get my freedom;
Soon, I’ll get my dreams.

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