Dark Light

Two Poems

by Mariam Bahieldin

School Fish and People

fish travel in schools together
families extend into forever
names are passed on
even after we are gone
someone claims our essence
to continue our presence
like father like son
like mother like daughter
happily ever after
birds of a feather
flock together
the same features
in different creatures
existing eras apart
as a memory in a heart

A United Smile

we are the people
upon the earth we unite
different cultures, different shades
yet our humanity is our sight
a rainbow of colors that never fades
the sun erupts, day in and day out
as we the people roam about
making a difference in what is done
losing small battles as wars are won
heroes fall, heroes then rise
they learn and become wise
sharing the same journey, come what may
diverse people still smile the same way


All artwork is courtesy of Rana Ashraf.

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